You Need Solid System to Grow a Large Company

I think the way we establish business in this part of the world makes it difficult to imbibe global standard for running a profitable busines. In one of the new books I am writing (360 Degrees Business Management), I outlined the right way to establish a business that can go global.

Your business will not outlive you if it cannot thrive in your absence. If you are the one that does everything in your company, it will be forever limited. Check all the one-man businesses you knew thirty years ago, what happened to them after the owners died? They are either dead also or just barely surviving.

Some people are married to their businesses. They are the chairman, CEO, business manager, stock manager, warehouse manager, finance officer, marketing and salesperson etc.

So, when they are sick, the business will be sick. When they die, the company will go to the grave with them.

Hamburger was sold on the streets all over America the way bun and doughnuts are sold in almost every street in Nigeria.

Ray Kroc found a way to repackage it so that each hamburger will be the same. The next thing he did was to design a system that will sustain the idea.

He hired a CEO, set up a solid management team, and remained the chairman of the company. His job was to visit McDonald’s outlets daily and interact with customers to ascertain what they are not doing right. And today, there are over 36,000 McDonald’s outlets in 118 countries and territories across the world.

The same hamburger people sold on the street corners became multibillion dollars organisation because someone found a way to package it, and set up a system to duplicate it. One McDonald’s outlet was duplicated into 36,0000 outlets.

It is crime to run a one-man busines in the 21st century. What smart business owners do across the world is to establish a business, set up a system for smooth operations, hire people to manage it, and start another one.

Alphabet Inc. (Google) owns the search engine, Android operating system, Google Earth, Google Drive, Blogger, YouTube and over twenty other companies.

Unfortunately, we establish one business and get married to it because it depends on us to function. It is time to get rid of obsolete, antiquated and archaic way of running a business.

We ( will help you to set up a solid system no matter the size of your company, and reduce your burden.

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Keep soaring!

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