You Need Smart and Intelligent Individuals To Grow A Large Company


You must not be the CEO or manager to grow your business. That is why I always encourage business owners to create management system in their organisation no matter how small it is.

In fact, some business owners finds it difficult to adapt to a system. They prefer the system where they tell people what to do instead of creating a system that tells employees what to do.

If you are from the South Eastern part of Nigeria, how many of the companies you used to know twenty or thirty years ago are still existing today? They are gone forever! Why? Because the owners were running multibillion Naira organisations like shops.

Smart business owners don’t run their organisations alone, they hire people who are smarter then them. The founders of Microsoft, Apple Inc., Google and the rest are not the ones running the company. They are creative people not managers.

One example is that of the successful American post- World War 11 metropolitan university, Peace, in New York City.

Dr. Edwin Mortola built up the institution from nothing in 1947 into New York City’s third largest and fastest growing university, with 25,000 students and well-regarded graduate school.

In the university’s early years he was a radical innovator. But when Peace was still small (around 1950) Mortola built a strong top management team. All members were given a major, clearly defined responsibility, for which they were expected to take full accountability and give leadership.

A few years later, Mortola then decided what his own role was to be and converted himself into a traditional university president, while at the same time building a strong independent board of trustees to advise and support him.

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If Mortola had insisted that he would run the university alone, it wouldn’t have seen the light of the day. But he was smart enough to set up strong management system and board of trustees who would question his decisions and make their inputs. That way, the university would outlive him.

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald also set up strong management system. He remained president until he died well past age eighty.

But he put a top management team in place to run the company and appointed himself the company’s “marketing conscience.”

Until shortly before his death, he visited two or three McDonald’s restaurants each week, checking their quality carefully, the level of cleanliness and friendliness. Above all, he looked at the customers, talked to them and listened to them. This enabled the company to make the necessary changes to retain its leadership in the fast-food industry.

To an average business owner in our clime, hiring someone else to run his business is like committing a crime. He wants to show everybody that he is the boss. Unfortunately, the business will not grow to it’s full potential.

Peter Drucker said that Soichiro Honda, the founder and builder of Honda Motor Company in Japan did exactly the same thing when he decided to open a small business in the dark days after Japan’s defeat in the World War 11.

He did not start his venture until he had found the right man to be his partner and to run administration, finance, distribution, marketing, sales, and personnel. For Honda had decided from the outset that he belonged in engineering and production and would not run anything else. The decision made the Honda Motor Company.”

Every busines owner must ask himself three important questions; what are the needs of this business? What is my core competence? What other areas of this company do I need the expertise of others?

The answer to these questions will help you to properly structure your company and hire people who will help to grow it. Don’t do what you are not well equipped to do. Find out the area you can function effectively in the organisation and hire people to do the rest.

The question is, how? Well our organisation helps both small, medium and large businesses to properly structure their companies.

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