Why You Need a Consultant

I have always encouraged business owners to meet professionals for guidance before they take major steps.

Several years ago, I met a friend who withdrew N500,000 twice from his account, and a bank staff withdrew another N500,000 from the same account thinking that he will not find out. Unfortunately for him, my friend is educated, and he usually keep detailed record of his transactions. At the end of the month, he found out what the banker did and reported it to the bank manager, and he was fired immediately.

It was at this point that a banker told my friend that some bad eggs in the banking industry are always happy whenever they are transferred to major markets. Why? Because some traders don’t know how to keep the record of their transactions. So, some unscrupulous elements withdraw as much as they want because they know that some traders will not find out.

Few years ago I met a big time importer at the prison during our visitation. I inquired what happened. Guess what? He borrowed N12 million from a bank, and few months later, the bank said that he was owing them N52 million! The bank took him to court, and he found himself in the prison. Why? Because most traders don’t like paying professionals for guidance.

Many business owners usually contact our companies (www.kingsuncommonwisdom.com and www.thriveconsults.com) seeking our opinion before borrowing money from the bank. We usually encourage them to look for consultants in that regard to guide them.

Guess what? One of them said: “A consultant will ask for professional fee.” I was dumbfounded. Which one do you want? To allow the bank to steal your money through hidden charges, or to pay a professional who will make sure that nobody steals your money?

As a consultant, I can categorically tell you that some traders are loosing millions of Naira across Nigeria daily to these people. The Innoson Motors’ case should be an eye opener to those who wants to learn.

Get a professional to guide you before you take a major step. Don’t feel too big to go to bank and ask why they withdrew N720 from your account. Ignorance is the major demon that limits budding entrepreneurs in our clime.

Unfortunately, when some business owners find out that their businesses are no longer flourishing, the first thing they will do is to consult a prophet. Is the prophet a business consultant? There is nothing wrong with meeting your spiritual leader for guidance, but make sure he knows what he is talking about.

I met someone few months ago who used to be a multi-millionaire. Unfortunately, he went to some prophets to guide him on business matters, and he is literally begging to survive today.

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