Why I Will Always Teach Entrepreneurship

By Ifeanyi A. C Eze

Sometime this year, some people told me that they finally understood what I taught them twelve years ago. When people say all manner of things about me, I hardly reply because they don’t fully understand what they are saying.

Actually, I pity them. I pity them because they should have listened and learn. Just imagine how successful those people would have become if they paid attention twelve years ago. But they resented the idea.

So, when people misunderstands me, I usually say to them “see you in ten to fifteen years time.” Unfortunately, by them, it would have been too late. Some people prophesy spiritually, others prophesy intellectually. I do both. And we need both. Don’t critise what you don’t understand. Ask questions.

The purpose of this introduction is to inform you that the world would have remained a primitive entity if we do not have entrepreneurs that dared to make a difference.

Very often, we focus on the money business owners are making and forget the problems they are solving for humanity. Entrepreneurs are agents of change. The civilisation we are enjoying today was created by the entrepreneurs.

According to Joseph Schumpeter, “entrepreneurs act as a force for creative destruction, sweeping away established technologies, products, and ways of doing things and replacing them with others that the marketplace as a whole sees as representing greater value.

Entrepreneurs displaced the use of home kerosene lamps with brighter and clearer burning gas in the 1800s. The gas lamps, in turn, were displaced by Thomas Edison’s incandescent light system, which provided better performance and greater safety.”

Today we have fluorescent lights, halogen lights, and all manner of lighting systems. All created by entrepreneurs.

Just imagine a world without computer. One month task will take years to complete. If entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and others did not labour to disrupt the system, we will still be winking in the dark today.

Today, if you are looking for something on the internet, you will simply click on the Google app and search with ease. Just imagine how difficult it would have been if Larry Page and Sergey Brin did not create the platform.

Entrepreneurs generally make positive contributions to society. They find and exploit opportunities to provide goods and services that were previously unavailable or in limited supply.

Henry Ford’s early enterprise, for example, brought the automobile, once a plaything for the wealthy, within reach of the typical household.

Entrepreneurs also find and exploit ways of providing higher-quality goods and services at lower prices. They sweep away stagnant industries and replace them with growing ones that generate new employment opportunities, often at much higher wages.

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