What Is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage?


Have you noticed that two companies can be offering the same kind of products or services, yet there is something that sets them apart?

For example, Transsion Holdings, the company that manufactures Infinix, Tecno and Itel smartphones is based in China, but they have never sold one cellphone in China. Why? They found out six things about the African market that gave them the edge over Samsung and Apple’s iPhone.

So, dear business owner, what separates you from others? What is that distinctive feature that prompt customers to bypass your competitors and buy from you?

One of the strategies we apply whenever we are consulting for companies is to help them create their competitive advantage. Finding out what sets your company apart from your competitors will help you to know where to channel your energy.

A competitive advantage is defined as an area of excellence in manufacturing a product or service that gives the company a distinct edge over it’s competitors. This area of excellence enables a company to sell more of it’s products and services at higher prices with less resistance.

A smart business owner do not compete with others, he creates a strategy that will help him to thrive in the midst of competition.

If you are a smart business owner that wants to witness exponential growth and less competition, you ugently need this strategy. Send us an email via info@kingsuncommonwisdom.com or simply click the Business Management button and sign up, and we will engage in an in-depth study and analysis of your business and market to ascertain your competitive advantage!

As a bonus, we will show you the six steps Transsion Holdings took that enabled them to capture the African market and how you can integrate them into your own business.

Keep soaring!

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