Until Sales Happen, Business Cannot Grow

The heartbeat of every business is selling. Your business cannot grow until someone sell something. No matter how fantastic your products and services are, if you fail to sell them, your business can never grow.

Selling is one of the hardest things to do, but you cannot ignore it. Thousands of bankrupt or insolvent companies have been analyzed over the years to determine why they failed. After all the data was sorted and studied, virtually every business failure came down to one reason: low sales.

In contrast, whenever a business was succeeding, growing, yielding profit, increasing it’s share prices, and offering opportunity for more and more people, the reason boiled down to one factor: high sales! Everything else was secondary.

The most important element in business is selling. Nothing happens until a sale takes place. All the factories, businesses, offices, goods and services will only leap into action when someone, somewhere makes a sale to someone.

Almost everything you do in a business either increases or decreases sales. Everything either helps or hurts. Everything either attracts and keeps more customers, or drives them away. Everything counts when it comes to sales.

Whether you are a salesperson or a business owner, you require self-discipline to focus and concentrate on generating sales every hour of every business day.

A group of researchers interviewed several hundred senior executives and business owners and asked them, “How important are sales and marketing to your business?” Without exception, they all replied, “Sales and marketing are absolutely essential to our survival and growth.”

The researchers then conducted a time-and-motion study of these same business owners and executives, following them around and tracking their time usuage over the course of a month.

At the end of that time, they completed their calculations and determined that the average business owner or executive who professed that sales were absolutely essential to survival and growth was spending only 11 percent of his time on sales and marketing.

The remaining time was spent on meetings, discussions, paper work, administrative work, luncheons, and a variety of other activities that contributed nothing to sales generation.

Every business owner and manager must discipline himself to focus most of his time and attention on making sales either directly or helping the salespeople to do that.

You or your sales team must spend 75 percent of your time talking to customers and making sales. Of course, you should do your paper work, but you must not abandon sales and marketing.

One of the things we at (King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited) found out is that, if profit is small and you are not making a lot of sales, your business can never grow. If your profit is huge but sales are low, it will be difficult for your business to grow. The survival of your business is predicated on sales and more sales!

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    I have a plumbing shop at Ajah, I visit building site as marketing strategy to get customers but they hardly turn up. What order strategy should I apply

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