Unique Business Opportunities Are Hidden In What Looks Like Problems

I strongly believe that what engenders success in business is having access to secrets. If everybody knows the secret of your business, it will be extremely difficult for you to grow a large corporation.

One of the easiest ways to become a market leader is to pay attention to what looks like a problem and engage in creative analysis to ascertain the opportunity it presents, and build a business around it. That way, you will be in control of both the secret and your industry.

As late as 1965, Japan had almost no paved roads outside of the big cities. But the country was rapidly shifting to the automobile, so the government frantically paved the roads.

Now automobile could- and did- travel at high speed. But the roads were the same old ones that had been laid down by the oxcarts of the tenth century, barely wide enough for two cars to pass, full of blind corners and hidden entrances, and with junctions every few kilometres at which half a dozen roads meet at every conceivable angle.

Accidents began to mount at an alarming rate, especially at night. Press, radio and television, and the opposition parties in Parliament and so on began to clamour for the government to do something.

But, of course, rebuilding the roads was out of the question; it would have taken twenty years anyhow. And a massive publicity campaign to make automobilists drive carefully had the result such campaigns generally have, namely, none at all.

A young Japanese, Tamon Iwasa, seized on this crises as an innovative opportunity. He redesigned the traditional highway reflector so that the little glass beads that serve as it’s mirrors could be adjusted to reflect the headlights of oncoming cars from any direction onto any direction.

The government rushed to install Iwasa reflectors by the hundreds of thousands. And the accident rate plummeted.

Tamon Iwasa saw a national problem and searched for ways to maximise it and found one. That is how to generate uncommon business ideas that can change your life forever. Asking your relatives that kind of products and services to offer is old school. Search for problems and build a business around it.

Peter Drucker shared this second story. “World War 1 had created a public in the United States for national and international news. Everybody was aware of this.

Indeed, the newspapers and magazines of those early post World War 1 years are full of discussion as to how this need could be satisfied.

Several leading publishers tried, among them The New York Times; none of them succeeded. Then Henry Luce identified the process need and defined what was required to satisfy it.

It could not be a local publication, it has to be a national one, otherwise, there would be neither enough readers nor enough advertisers. And it could not be a daily- there was not enough news of interest to a large public.

The development of the editorial format was then practically dictated by these specifications. When Time Magazine came out as the first news magazine in the world, it was an immediate success.”

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