To Grow A Large Company, You Need Solid Team and Partners


It is obvious that a one-man busines does not have future. Why? Because the business lacks the requisite skills and creativity ideas that a team can bring to the table.

No corporation is owned by one person. No large company is managed by one person. It takes the cumulative effort and ideas of a team to take a business to the global stage.

Look at some recent startups in Nigerian. Some of them are owners by partners. Paystack was founded in 2015 Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. Jobberman is owned by three young men.

They are smart enough to know that companies grow when people come together to leverage their skills. They build solid teams before it even grow big.

Before you start a new business, it is important that you surround yourself with the right people. Why? Because you will leverage those relationships for success in your business.

Virtually all highly successful entrepreneurs lean heavily on what academics call Social Capital to build their businesses.

First, they develop networks that would help them to identify and pursue opportunity. Second, they did a remarkable good job recognizing their own personal strengths and weaknesses, which led them to put together startup teams that complimented their talents and experience.

Time and again, the highly successful business owners I know emphasized that success requires a team.

At the founding stages, it usually consists of few people. Generally, that means making sure you have what we call a Big Idea Person and a Get Stuff Done Person

Ideally of course, a founder needs these two people and more to get his business running effectively.

Attract the Right Partners

The truth is, there’s always a second person. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Inc. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Jan Koum and Brian Acton created WhatsApp.

If you take a look at all successful business owners, there is always someone who helped to turn the business around.

Set Up A Solid Team

A partner in a venture capital firm said, “What makes a successful company is the strength of the management team. It’s very important. We seek out entrepreneurs who are able to hire other outstanding people.

We look for a founder/CEO who has exceptionally high intellectual horsepower, who understands the nature of competition and what will be required to win- for someone who is going to win. We look at all ingredients- the size, the business model, the competition. But 50 to 75 percent is the caliber of the people.”

Venture Capitalists or any investor will not give you a dime until they see the capacity of those who will manage the business. Even international investors and partners will also consider how your company is managed before they will take you serious.

It takes a team to win in every area of life. Just like eleven football players fight together to win matches, every business owner needs his own team to win big. Your idea is limited, hire people to compliment your effort.

The question now is, how can a business owner set up a winning team? The answer is simple; send an email to us via or call 07032681154 and our team will get in touch with you immediately. We have a team building and training strategy that you must not miss.

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