The Power of Unique Business Ideas

The only way to grow a large company is to create unique products and services. Either you create unique product or service, or you design unique customer service system that is totally different from that of your competitors.

No multibillion dollars corporation sell exactly what their competitors are selling. Even if they are in the same industry, they must have something that sets them apart from others.

It is good to establish your business in a crowded market as a beginner, but don’t end there. Your organisation can only stand out from others if you offer unique products or services.

I am sure you have heard about Starbucks. It was founded in 1971. The major product they sell is coffee. Of course, some of their outlets sell snacks and fast-food, but they are known for coffee.

As at 2018, they have 28,218 outlets with 291,000 employees. Their revenue in 2018 was $24.71 billion.

Starbucks is growing exponentially because they have unique business model and products.

It is not even the depth and size of the idea that matters, it is the uniqueness. Starbucks sells something as simple as coffee, but the way Howard Schultz designed the organisation sets them apart from the rest. You may establish your own coffee business today, but it can never rival Starbucks.

The question is, what is the simplest way to create unique products and services? How can a small business have unique identity in the marketplace and dominate it effortlessly? I will show you how to do that at the Business and Career Conference. The venue is Transcorp Hilton hotel, Abuja. The date is 14th September, 2019.

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