How do you feel when you walk into a car shop and the salespeople opened one of the cars you’re admiring and ask you to drive it around? Do you still feel like returning home with your old car? Not at all. In fact, the moment you step into your old car, everything in you begins to reject it.

Someone said that whenever he shops for suits and the shop owners refuse to allow him to test them, he usually smile and walk away. Those suit sellers do not understand the power of testing. There is no way you will wear a well fitted suit and struggle to buy it. Of course, some people will always leave after testing the clothes, but majority will buy them.

Testing is powerful. Feeling what you want to buy before you buy them is powerful. The more customers can see, hear, touch, smell and feel how wonderful it is to buy what you’re selling, the more value they will perceive and the more likely it is they will buy.

Michael Leboeuf said; “When I went car shopping, the salesperson got me behind the wheel of a continental so I could experience the smooth, quiet ride, the smell of new leather seats, the ease of handling, and all the luxurious appointments.

I imagined myself gliding around town everyday with the windows rolled up and the stereo playing soft music, thinking, “I wonder what the poor folks are doing.” That’s the magic of tasting, feeling and seeing.

An old Chinese proverb says it best, “Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and will understand.”

If you cannot let the customer actually feel all the benefits of buying, paint positive word picture of the feature benefits of buying what you’re selling. Then paint negative word picture of what he will miss by not buying what you’re selling. That way, he said will feel both the good and the bad which will elicit buying decision.

If you’re selling houses for example, paint the beautiful picture of home ownership. Tell the customer that he will decide how the house will be decorated and also not bothering himself about breaking landlord rules.

Then show him the negative aspect of not buying. He will keep paying rent monthly or annually. Paint the word picture of how the thought of paying rent feels like. Also show him how painful it is to be evicted from the house by the owner.

Nobody will taste the good and the bad and chose the bad unless the person cannot afford what you’re selling. It’s difficult to drive around in a brand new car and not make an effort to buy it. It’s difficult to see a well furnished apartment and go back to the one you have lived in for ages. Allow your customers to feel, smell and see what you’re selling.

When customers feel, smell and see what you’re selling and complain about the cost, Zig Ziglar shared an idea of how you should respond:

“I don’t think there’s any question about the price being high, Mr. Prospect, but when you add the benefits of quality, subtract the disappointment of cheapness, multiply the pleasure of buying something good, and divide the cost over a period of time, the arithmetic comes out in your favor. If it costs you a hundred dollars but does you a thousand dollars worth of good, then by any yardstick you’ve bought a bargain, haven’t you?”

That’s one aspect customers do not consider. It’s not just the price, but the benefits. If I buy something for $1,000 and it’s benefit worths $5,000, I am not loosing after all. Gently and respectfully inform your customers about that and they will make up their minds to buy.

Keep that formula in mind. Add the benefits of quality, subtract the disappointment of cheapness, multiply the pleasure of buying something good, and divide the cost over a period of time that the customer will be using it, and he will see the real value of what he is buying.

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