The N4,000 Coffee Experience! (Part 2) (Continued from yesterday)

By Godwin Chibuike

As I stepped out of the restaurant, I decided to go back to the boardroom (through the lift) where our conference was taking place.

On the way I remembered that they haven’t set up the wifi connection for the board room. So, I stopped by at the reception and ask them to send someone to fix it. But because there was a Chinese man they were attending to, I had no choice than to wait.

From their conversation, I discovered that the Chinese man wanted to book a room for a month. After all said and done, right there in less than five minutes, he picked the type of room he wanted, and paid around N2 million in raw cash. For a moment, I stood there and stared at the man. Wondering, how on earth is he pulling this through?

Then I pulled myself together and asked myself two questions in my head: “Does this Chinese man have two heads?” No! “Is he better than me?” No!

And if he can do this, then why can’t I?

After telling them to send someone to fix the wifi, I left the reception. Later that afternoon, I went back to the restaurant, ordered the coffee for N3,000 with a chicken pie for N1,200. I sat down facing the waiters and slowly enjoyed the “best coffee of my life” at that time.

That coffee liberated me from thinking lack. From that day, I stopped thinking lack, I stopped saying I don’t have that kind of money or It is not for me or there is no money, etc.

Why are many people not wealthy? They have “lack mentality.” If you have lack mentality, you will continue to dwell in lack.

I will share more information with you tomorrow. By the way, I have a very exciting announcement to make tomorrow. And I must tell you that it is going to probably blow your mind.

If you are yet to register for the Business and Career Conference, what are you waiting for? The date remains 22nd December, 2019. Time: 11:00am. Venue: Olive Guest House, GRA, Onitsha, Anambra State.

Admission is N12,000. King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited. 0141855113. GTBank. For more information, click this link or check the handbill.

Call 07032681154 Now to register.

See you there!



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