The Internet (Especially Social Media) Is the Largest Marketplace On Earth

When I scroll through the various social media platforms daily and see how people waste an uncommon opportunity to either sell their products and services, or sell for others, I shudder.

People literally buy data to either post pictures, play or look for where to type ‘Ameen’ instead of making money with it.

All you need to become very wealthy in the 21st century is a smartphone (or computer) and access to the internet. With these two weapons you can walk out of poverty the rest of your life.

I signed up to Facebook in 2009 purely for business purposes. We literally built different businesses through the social media and we are still building.

You can sell or grow your company through the internet.

The youngest billionaire in 2019 is Kylie Jenner (21) from the popular Kardashian family. She built her business through her popularity on social media. Her combined followers on Twitter and Instagram is about 156 million. They are her customers. In fact, she charges about $1 million per post for different companies.

Her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics is valued at $900 million. When she launched her lipstick in 2015, the website crashed within minutes because of the volume of demand from around the world. In just 18 months, her cosmetics company made $420 million in sales.

You may not be as popular as her, but at least you have 256 people on your WhatsApp, 2,000 people on your Facebook account and more on Instagram and Twitter. What are you selling to them?

The world is now a global village and the internet is the village square. Over one billion people spend over twenty minutes each on Facebook on daily basis. What are you selling to them?

According to The Spectator Index;

“Every minute:

473,400 Tweets are sent.

4,500,000 videos are watched on YouTube.

3,788,140 searches are made on Google.

12,986,111 text messages are sent.

1,111 packages are shipped by Amazon.

750,000 songs are streamed on Spotify.

49,380 photos are posted on Instagram.”

What is your plan towards the internet? What value does your data add to your life? Do you want to learn how to sell anything on the internet? Well you are at the right place.

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Do it now! Yes, right now!

See you at the top!

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