Welcome to #KingsUncommonWisdom. The number one challenge every business owner or salespeople complain about is how difficult it is to sell their products and services everyday. In fact, many people have closed shops because they found it difficult to convince customers to patronize them. But it’s not really difficult to sell if you know the right strategy.

Let’s grab a powerful secret from this story. “Certain large toy manufacturers use just such an approach to reduce a problem caused by seasonal buying patterns. Of course, the boom time for toy sales occurs before and during Christmas holiday season. The companies make fat profits during this period.

Their problem is that toy sales then go into a terrible slump for the next couple of months. Their customers have already spent the full amount in their toy budgets and are stiffly resistant to their children’s pleas for more. Even those children whose birthdays fall soon after the holidays receive fewer toys because of the recent Christmas spree.

So the toy manufacturers are faced with a dilemma: how to keep sales high during the peak season and, at the same time, retain a healthy demand for toys in the immediately following months. Their difficulty certainly doesn’t lie in convincing our naturally insatiable offspring to want a continuous flow of new amusements.

A series of flashy Television commercials placed among the Saturday morning cartoon shows will produce the usual amounts of begging, whining, and wheedling no matter when it appears during the year. No, the problem is not in motivating kids to want more toys after Christmas. The problem is in motivating post holiday spent-out parents to reach down for the price of yet another plaything for their already toy-glutton children.

What could the toy companies possibly do to produce that unlikely behavior? Some have tried a greatly increased advertising campaign, others have reduced prices during the slack period, but neither of those standard sales devices has proved successful.

Not only are both tactics costly, but both have also been ineffective in increasing sales to desired levels. Parents are simply not in a toy-buying mood, and the influences of advertising or reduced expenses are not enough to shake that stony resistance.

Certain large toy manufacturers, however, think they have found a solution. It’s an ingenious one, involving no more than a normal advertising expense and an understanding of the powerful pull of the need for consistency. My first hint of how the toy companies’ strategy worked came after I fell for it and then, in true patsy form, fell for it again.

It was January, and I was in the town’s largest toy store. After purchasing all too many gifts there for my son a month before, I had sworn not to enter that place or any like it for a long, long time. Yet there I was, not only in the diabolic place but also in the process of buying my son another expensive toy.

I happened to meet a former neighbor who was buying his son a toy. The odd thing was that we almost never saw each other anymore. In fact, the last time was a year earlier in that same store where we were both buying our sons an expensive post-Christmas gift- that time a robot. We laughed about our strange pattern of seeing each other only once a year at the same time, in the same place, while doing the same thing. Later that day, I mentioned the coincidence to a friend who, it turned out, had once worked in the toy business and he told me the secret….”~Robert B. Cialdini.

What exactly is the secret? What did the toy manufacturing companies do that kept attracting customers all year long? Well, according to our research, they did three things, and we are ready to share them with every business owner or salesperson who wants to increase sales, or keep selling all year long. All you have to do is to scroll up, click on Our Solutions button, then click on Marketing and Sales and fill the form you will see there. Or you can simply call Godwin on 07032681154. See you at the top!

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