If you meet me anywhere on this earth and complain that your business is not growing, I will ask you five important question. Are you selling generic products? What is the vision that drives your business? What structure sustains your business? Do you have brand identity? And finally, the most important question; how good is your customer service management?

If you get every aspect aspect of your business right and fail to get customer service management right, your business will not grow. While conducting a corporate training for an organization (with my team at King’s Uncommon Wisdom Limited), I asked the management about their blueprint for customers service. Unfortunately, they had none.

So, how can you grow a business without a well structured customer management system? Customers are not crazy people. They know when to say goodbye to your business. They know good customer service when they see one. Customers know that they are kings, if you don’t treat them well, they will patronize your competitors.

Michael Leboeuf shared this powerful experience. “It was our first summer in Arizona and it was hot! The temperature that day hit 113 Celsius as my wife Elke and I went out to lunch. Without thinking, I parked the car in the sun, rolled the windows up, and went into the restaurant to eat. Big mistake.

After lunch, we walked back to the car to find that the glue that holds the rearview mirror to the windshield had melted! The mirror was dangling in mid-air, suspended by cables. It made for a real interesting ride home, me driving and Elke holding the mirror in place so I could see what was happening behind us.

When I purchased the car, I was told that if ever I had trouble, just call 800 number listed inside the glove box and someone from Cadillac Roadside Service would come out and solve my problems for as long as I owned the car.

This had always been the case when I lived in New Orleans, so I called the number, described the problem, gave them my home number, and was told that I would be hearing from someone soon.

A short time later I got a call from someone at a local dealership who told me what a problem it would be for him to come out, and if he did come out, there would be at least a $100 service charge.

I told him no thanks, called Cadillac Roadside Service, and left word that next time I’m new car shopping, it won’t be for a Cadillac. No one returned my call.

Then I looked in the Yellow Pages, found two other Cadillac dealerships in the Phoenix area, and called one. What a difference! This time a very polite service manager told me how I could solve my problem within an hour.

He said, “There’s a company that does window tinting for us, and if you’ll go over there, they will glue the mirror onto the windshield while you wait, for no charge.” He gave me the address, and we drove over to the window-tinting company. They took care of the problem in minutes and treated us wonderfully.

As a result of getting help from the second dealership, I now take my car there to be serviced and have sworn a blood oath to never go near the dealership that wanted to charge me to come out.

And while I was getting my rearview mirror glued back, I scheduled the window-tinting company to come out and tint the windows in our home. Our house has a number of very large windows, and it was a major sale.

By responding positively and helpfully at the initial moment of truth, the second dealership and the window-tinting company both earned a loyal, paying customer who gladly refers them to others. As for the other dealership, I tell my friends to avoid it like the plague.”

The biggest mistake business owners make is thinking that customers will always come back no matter how you treat them. See, customers are not robots. They know when they are treated badly. And when they are leaving, they will tell everybody they know how terrible your company is.

One of the secrets I will be sharing at the Business and Career Conference that will be holding at Transcorp Hilton hotel, Abuja, on the 30th June are statistics of how customers leave, why they leave, and how not to make them leave. It promises to be a life changing conference. You can call Godwin on 07032681154 to book your seat before people start rushing.

Note this, the most crucial contact of all is the first one that the customer makes with your business, because if you lose him here, he’s likely lost forever. This makes it imperative that those having initial contact with customers do their utmost to help the customer and make him feel appreciated.

I suggest you do these two things immediately. Firstly, invite our company to conduct at least three days cooperate training on customers service and other related subjects. Kindly scroll up, click on the Corporate Training button and make your request.

Secondly, book your seat for the Business and Carrier Conference. There will be two session and the topics are Ten Ways to Attract and Keep Your Customers for Life and Preparing for Job Insecurity in the 21st Century. Call Godwin right now and book your seat. Keep soaring!

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  1. UgoChukwu Agbams says:

    This indeed is a major cause if business failure today. I have sworn never to return to some business due to their customer service.
    I experienced one with Fidelity bank, Onitsha stock exchange branch, which made me to close my account with them. I was also contemplating on opening an account with Access bank, until their customer service at Onitsha stock exchange branch messed up with me, and I say, no more.
    Many business has gone on extinction today, because of bad customer service.

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