Master Brands and Subbrands Management System

How does companies like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, PZ Cussons, Apple Inc. and the likes manage their master brand and subbrands and overall brand positioning at the same time?

Let’s assume you are running a building materials manufacturing company, and you have over one hundred different products, how can you properly position them, and still maintain the parent company’s brand image?

It is a difficult task that needs the expertise of a business and management consulting firm to put together. Companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola advertises many products at the same time, yet they are aligned with the company’s overall brand strategy. How can it be possible?

For example, General Electric’s corporate tagline is “Imagination at work.” But then, they have subbrands like GE Commercial. GE Finance, GE Healthcare, GE Industrial, GE Infrastructure, GE Money as well as NBC Universal. They also have specific lines of business such as commercial aircraft engines, and specific products such as the GE 90 jet aircraft.

The question is, how can a company like GE manage its several brands under one corporate brand? How can a company like that position itself properly so that customers will not be confused?

I will answer that question while speaking on Strategies to Dominating the Marketplace. One of the major factors that engenders market domination is strategic branding. I will teach you how to properly design your brand architecture at the Business and Career Conference.

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