A lot of business owners can become too busy and forget to treat each customer that comes into their outfit as a special person. If you can customize your services to each customer that buys from you, your business will expand within the next few years.

Naturally, people love to be treated as celebrity. Nobody wants to be looked down upon. So capitalize on that to grow your business. See anyone that steps into your outfit as a king or queen and treat them so. Pay attention to little details that can make a whole lot of difference.

“Some years ago, a young couple walked into a small jewelry store and asked the clerk if he could make the boy’s class ring fit the girl’s finger. The clerk installed a $1.50 ring guard while they waited.

While the clerk was installing the ring guard, the couple remarked that the people at the big jewelry store around the corner had been too busy to help them.

Later that year, the same couple came back and bought over a thousand dollars worth of jewelry. And two years later, the little jewelry store moved around the corner. The big one had gone out of business.”

While the little jewelry store owner was helping the young couple, he did not know that he was opening a big door that would lead to big sales in the future. The man that buys $20 worth of goods today can buy $20,000 worth of goods tomorrow if you treated him like a king the first time.

The case of Don, an industrial supply sales rep points to this fact. “Don received a call early one day from a new customer who was having problems with one of his machines. Don hadn’t sold him the machine, but the customer valued Don’s mechanical expertise and asked if he would mind coming by to look at it.

When he arrived, Don listened to the machine and initially diagnosed the problem as faulty bearings. Don then proceeded to roll up his sleeves, take the machine apart, and inspect the bearing. Needless to say, Don’s hands became covered with oil and grease, but he didn’t mind and remarked, “Dirt washes off” to the concerned customer.

It turned out that the faulty bearings were the problem. Don’s company didn’t carry that particular type, so he gave the customer the name and address of a competitor who carried them. The customer thanked Don for all his help and Don left.

But when Don returned to his office that afternoon, he found that the customer had ordered the replacement bearing from Don’s company. He knew that Don would have to buy the bearings from the competitor and resell them to him, but he wanted Don to get credit and commission for the sale. It was his way of saying, “Thanks for going the extra mile.” And since that day he has been Don’s loyal customer.”~Michael Leboeuf.

How many business owners, salespeople or employees would do what Don did? For many people, once they discover that they do not have the product the customer is looking for, they would abandon him. They forget that if they serve the customer well, he will feel indebted to them which will definitely lead to future sales.

Giving customers special treatment shows that you really care about them. Customers listen to what you say but believe what you do. So let your actions convince customers that you’re a good person to buy from all the days of their lives.

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