Learn to Be Yourself–Tim Cook Example

Trying to be whom you are not is a crime against yourself. Many people work hard daily to be whom they were not created to be. They want to talk like popular people, dress like celebrities, and generally live like others.

I think it is an insult to God trying to be whom He did not create you to be. You are an original, why do you want to die as a copy? Why are you trying so hard to abandon whom you are and become whom you are not meant to be?

One CEO that people loved passionately was the late cofounder of Apple inc., Steve Jobs. In fact, never before had the death of a chief executive affected people so intensely like the death of Steve Jobs.

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The news of Job’s death sent ripples of shock and mourning around the world. The reaction to his death was unprecedented. He was beloved. When he died, even Apple’s longtime competitor Microsoft flew its flag at half-mast.

President Barack Obama hailed Jobs as “among the greatest of American innovators–brave enough to think different, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.”

The World Wanted Tim Cook to Be Like Steve Jobs.

As Steve Jobs was being honoured in every news media globally, the world quickly turned its focus to Tim Cook. Pundits were sceptical about the future of Apple without its visionary leader. Almost everyone doubted Tim Cook’s ability to wear the big shoes Steve Jobs left behind.

According to Leander Kahney, “An intensely private and soft-spoken man, Tim Cook never thought he’d be made CEO. And he certainly never thought he’d replace Jobs.

He once famously said, “Come on, replace Steve? No. He’s irreplaceable. That’s something people have to get over. I see Steve there with grey hair in his 70s, long after I’m retired.” Of course, that’s not how things worked out.

At the time of his death, Jobs had become modern America’s most lionized CEO. Not only had he save Apple from certain death in the late 1990s, but he’d transformed the company into a massive hit-making machine. The epoch-making Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad had transformed Apple into one of the biggest companies in tech, and certainly the most copied.”

Every pundit doubted Tim Cook’s ability to run Apple Inc. profitably. He was not the charismatic leader everyone wanted. He was so unlike Steve Jobs that many analysts drew comparisons with Sony after the departure of its legendary cofounder Aiko Morita, Disney in the twenty years after Walt Disney’s death. The history books are full of companies that stumbled after the death or departure of a crucial founder or leader.

But if Tim Cook was uneasy about taking on this challenge, it wasn’t apparent, even to his closest colleagues. If not for his cool demeanor in the face of this significant challenge, Apple would have been a much more difficult place to work after Jobs’s death.

Tim Chose to Be Tim!

But Apple employees understood how Cook operated, even if the rest of the world did not. He was unfairly criticised early on. The outside world wanted to compare him to Steve, but Cook wasn’t going to try to be Steve. And what a smart thing because no one could be Steve. Instead, Tim was Tim. Tim brought the things that he could to the business. Like most successful leaders, Cook played to his unique strengths to run the company effectively.

In a September 2014 interview with Charlie Rose, he explained that Jobs never expected him to lead Apple in the same way that he had. “He knew when he chose me, that I wasn’t like him, that I’m not a carbon copy of him,” Cook told Rose. “And so he obviously thought through that deeply, about who wanted to lead Apple. I have always felt the responsibility of that.”

Cook says he desperately wanted to continue Jobs’s legacy and “pour every ounce that I had in myself into the company,” but he never had the objectivity of being the same as Jobs. “I knew, the only person I can be is the person I am,” he continued. “I’ve tried to be the best Tim Cook I can be.”

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  1. Jacinta obiorah says:

    Being ur best is the greatest thing one can ever made happen.cos each nd everyone is carrying a hidden potential only waiting to be unleash.just believe u can & u can the best of u will surfaced.

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