Knowledge and Wealth Creation Ideas Are Progressive

I strongly believe that those who are married to the past will definitely divorce their future. Those who cling to an obsolete, antiquated and moribund strategies will soon find out that they are living in the past.

Do you know that a teenager that is sitting on his bed in a university campus can change the way we live with his laptop? Over one billion people spends about 26 minutes on Facebook daily. It was created at the University campus by five young men.

Almost everything we are using today did not come out fully formed. Someone somewhere added something to it before it became useful to humanity. The following stories will throw more light to this discussion.

Around 1250 the Englishman, Roger Bacon, a Franciscan monk, showed that refraction defects of the eye could be corrected with eyeglasses.

This was incompatible with what everybody then knew: the “infallible” authority of the Middle Ages Galen, the great medical scientist, had “proven conclusively” that it could not be done.

Roger Bacon lived and worked on the extreme edges of the civilized world, in the woods of the northern Yorkshire. Yet a mural, painted thirty years later in the Palace of the Popes in Avaignon, shows elderly cardinals wearing reading glasses; and ten years later, miniature shows elderly courtiers in the Sultan’s Palace in Cairo also in glasses.

If you are one of those who sees the future before others, people will definitely hate you. Why? Because they are not seeing what you are seeing. Don’t bother trying to pacify them; one day, just like the story above, they will come to terms with what you are saying today. Although they rejected the ideas of eyeglasses, but thirty years later, they were wearing it.

Peter Drucker said, “Many of the elements needed for what we now call management were available right after World War 1. Indeed, in 1923, Herbert Hoover, soon to be President of the United States, and Thomas Masaryk, founder and president of Czechoslovakia, convened the first International Management Congress in Prague.

At the same time, a few large companies here and there, especially DuPont and General Motors in the United States, began to reorganize themselves around the new management concepts.

In the next decade, a few people, especially an Englishman, Lyndall Urwick, the founder of the first management consulting firm which still bears his name, began to write on management.

Yet it was not until my concept of the corporation (1946) and practice of management were published that management become a discipline accessible to managers all over the world. My books codified management, organized it, systematized it.”

If management was left where Herbert Hoover and others left it, it wouldn’t have reached where it is today. But by having people that brainstormed on the subject from one generation to another, management became an important force in the business world.

Inventions Are Progressive

“The Wright Brothers’ airplane had two knowledge roots. One was the gasoline, designed in the mid-1880s to power the first automobile built by Karl Benz and Gottfried Daimler, respectively.

The other one was mathematical: aerodynamics, developed primarily in experiments with gliders. Each was developed quite independently. It was only when the two came together that the airplane became possible.

The computer required the convergence of no less than five different knowledges: a scientific invention, the audion tube, a major mathematical discovery, the binary theorem; a new logic; the design concept of the punchcard; without them, no computer could have been built.”~Peter Drucker.

We are living is a dynamic world where things change with the speed of light. Be inquisitive. Always be on the lookout for new strategies and new invention you can use to complement your ideas and grow your organisation.

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