Welcome to #KingsUncommonWisdom! I strongly believe that some people are struggling today because they couldn’t give their dreams and ideas the most important push that would have turned them into news makers. Many people lost the opportunity to pen their epitaph with uncommon inventions because they gave up too soon.

“Once upon a time, many years ago, two friends from the East decided to go West and make their fortunes prospecting for gold. They staked a claim in what appeared to be a good area and began digging. For one full year, they worked seven days a week digging deeper and deeper on their claim, but all they found was worthless rock. Tired and discouraged, they sold their claim to another prospector for a few dollars, packed up their bags, and returned to the East to get new jobs and start new lives.

They learned later that the prospector who bought their claim brought a mining engineer out to the property to assess its value. After some study, the engineer concluded that there was gold in the ground but that the other prospectors had been digging in the wrong direction. He predicted that if the new owner can dig in a different direction, he would find gold. Just two feet from where the two prospectors had given up, the new miner hit a mother lode of gold that yielded more than $40 million over the next few year.

The two young miners had given up too soon largely because they did not have the expertise of a mining engineer to guide them. When the two young men heard what happened, they made a decision that changed their lives and ultimately made them very successful. They resolved that for the rest of their careers they would try a little harder, dig a little deeper, and hire the services of the best experts in any business venture they entered into.”~Brian Tracy.

These two young men made some of the mistakes that are hindering millions of people across the world:

1. They Refused To Hire Professionals.
Many people established a business without consulting a professional to guide them into the new territory they were stepping into. Many people make costly mistakes and when they fail, they will attribute it to all manner of things. How can you get married without consulting a relationship expert? How can you establish an event management company without consulting an expect in that field?

Some people usually complain about the consultancy fee, forgetting that one careless mistake can drain their capital. Paying a business consultant to conduct feasibility study for you in the area of business you want to invest in, and equally prepare a business plan for you is one the wisest decisions you should make. Those two young men lost the opportunity to make $40 million because they failed to consult a mining engineer to guide them. Please do not make that same mistake.

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2. They Were Digging In The Wrong Direction.
No matter how fast you are running in life, if you are traveling in the wrong direction you will never arrive at your destination! If you establish your business in the wrong environment, it will never flourish.

If you are selling second-hand (okirika) clothes at Lekki Phase One in Lagos State, you will die of hunger, because you are in the wrong place. Lekki and Victoria Island residents are two rich to buy second-hand clothes. If you establish a boutique in Makoko, and sell a suit for N80,000, hunger will shake hands with you. Order for one of Ifeanyi A. C Eze’s books, The Entrepreneur, and learn how to establish a profitable business!

3. They Were Not Patient Enough.
Many people lost what looked like a goldmine because they couldn’t wait for one more week. Many people lost uncommon opportunities that would have changed their status because they were in a hurry. Just one more push, that business would have changed your status, but you couldn’t wait any longer. If those young men had waited and prospected for gold for one more month, I’m sure they would have succeeded.

I know some people who are running from one business to another. Today they are in a restaurant business, before you know what is happening, they have closed down the restaurant and established a boutique. By the time you see them the following year, they have closed down the boutique and turned it into spare parts shop.

Most times, they closed down the business when they were very close to unprecedented success. If you cannot establish an idea and stay with it for a long time, it will be difficult for you to succeed. Aliko Dangote is succeeding today because he has stayed with commodity business since 1977!

A man loved soda and started what he called 3UP, it didn’t work. He started 4UP, it didn’t work too. He started 5UP and it was the same story. He gave it one more trial and started 6UP, but it did not flourish, and he gave up. Few years later, another man started what he called 7UP and it worked.

Just one more push would have made that man the owner of a global brand today. If your idea is not flourishing, sit down and restrategize, and give it another push. Keep restrategizing and pushing until you hit that goldmine! Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities!

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