“I Want To Put You Out of Business!”


Dear business owner, leader and manager, If a man walks into your office or outlet right now and look at you in the face and say; “I will put you out of business!” What would you do?

Well, I’m sure you will at first be startled, then wonder how he would do that or you might even send a punch straight into his face.

No matter what you do, you will definitely investigate the person and his plan and strategize on how stop what he said from happening.

Now let me reveal to you a little secret.

Every morning, someone is thinking of how to put you out of business. They can be new businesses or your competition; either way, both of them wants to take away your customers and your profits. In fact, if there was a button they could push to take all your customer, I’m sure they will push that button.

While you are working to develop your business, gaining a huge competitive advantage is critical. I want to share with you one ultimate key that can help you gain a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace. It is a simple tool called advance planning.

Advance Planning

You cannot accidentally become a market leader. If you accidentally become the market leader, you will also accidentally drop from that spot soon.

The discipline of advance planning determines the difference between business success and failure.

That is what separates winners and losers. As a business owner, plan consistently on how to improve your products and services, plan ahead on how to deal with your competition, and plan ahead on how to dominate the market.

Because of the aggressive and determined nature of the competition in the marketplace, you must plan in advance to be better than your competitors. To take charge of the marketplace, you must make every effort to out-think your competitors.

It is only when you out-think them that you will be able to outsmart them.

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