Anyone who ever engaged in sales will understand the meaning of customer’s objections. Customers use objections like; “It costs too much,” “I can get a better deal somewhere else,” “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t like the design,” etc. to dodge making buying decisions.

Objections will cost you customers unless you’re armed with the knowledge and preparation to deal with them. You will keep missing the opportunity to sell your products and services if you don’t know how to demolish objections.

Few months ago, I encountered some sales persons at Kano airport. They were well dressed and well mannered, but they were not well trained on how to handle objections from customers. I simply said to them, “I’m not interested,” and they walked away. That was poor selling skills. Here are few strategies you can use to handle objections:

1. Prepare for Objections and Deal With Them Before they Show Up.
The best medicine is preventive medicine. You don’t have to wait until you’re sick to prevent the sickness. The fewer the objections the customer raises, the greater are your chances for success.

If you sell the same product or service frequently, you’re bound to hear the same objections popping up time and again. If that’s the case, decide how to deal with the objection and handle it while you’re interviewing the customer or making your presentation. That way, it will never become an objection in the customer’s mind.

Michael Leboeuf shared this experience. “When I went car shopping, the salesperson looked at my six-year-old automobile and asked, “Do you plan on keeping your new car for six years?” “Probably,” I replied.

With that, he proceeded to show me how for only a few dollars more per day I could be driving a Lincoln Continental that sold for about ten thousand dollars more than the model I went in to inquire about. Two days later, I bought a Continental.

He never gave me a chance to say “I can’t afford it,” or “There’s no way I’m ever going to pay that much for a car.” He showed me that for only a relatively small amount of money each day I could spend the next several years riding around in the lap of luxury. In effect, he eliminated the price objections before I had the chance to raise it.”

That is how to eliminate objections. While you’re making your presentation in your store or in the customers house, make sure you answer every question the customer would have asked so that the moment you’re done, he will pay for the product or service. So the answers to customers objections should be embedded in your presentation. Deal with them once!

2. Don’t Use Harsh Words During or After Your Presentation.
Ron Williamham said that, “Whenever you get a negative response from people, take a deep breath, look them right in their eyeballs, and calmly say, “I understand how you feel, then let them know that others felt the same way until they found out. At this point you inject what they found out that changed their minds. This is one of the most disarming strategies that a salesperson can use.”

Michael Leboeuf said, “Not long ago, I was in a car care center and heard a customer say, “The price of these steel-belted radial tires is highway robbery.” Somewhat taken back, the salesperson replied, “Well, you get what you pay for. Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good.” The customer turned around and walked out.

A better way to handle it would have been to say, “I understand how you feel. They sure do cost a lot. My wife felt like you do until I put a set on the family car. That’s when she found out that they last twice as long, get better gas mileage, almost never go flat or blow out, and are a whole lot safer on wet pavement.”

If you use that strategy, the customer will definitely buy the product without arguing. Unfortunately, most business owners would have used that salesperson’s weak strategy. Sometimes we don’t remember that customers are not robots. They have feelings. Once you trample on their feelings, they will leave forever.

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