How Change Will Affect Your Business and Career and How to Manage It

We are living a changing world. The world is now a global village, and the Internet is the village square. Every single day, the world converge on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms.

Would you have imagined few years ago that a virus that emanated from Wuhan (China) which is 10,951 kilometres away from Nigeria can disorganise our daily lives and force us to stay at home in Nigeria?

The world is now like a nation. What affects one affects the other. Your ability to prepare for change and ride on its wings will give you an added advantage in your generation.

Today, perhaps the most important factor affecting your life, business and career is the speed of change. We are living in an age where change is taking place at a faster rate than ever before in human history. And if anything, the rate of change is increasing, daily.

Change today is not only faster, but it is also discontinuous, not following a straight line but starting, stopping, and moving in unpredictable directions.

Change is coming at us from all sides and also many different ways that it is often impossible to anticipate what might happen.

By it’s very nature, change is unpredictable, often forcing people and organizations to get rid of great plans and ideas overnight as the result of a completely new and unexpected development coming from a new and unexpected direction. As a result, you must be flexible and pragmatic in your approach.

Change is usually not kind to people that are in love with tradition. People that fall in love with what they are doing, with their current methods and processes, and are unwilling to change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Avoid getting married to tradition because it will definitely become your albatross.

Factors Driving Change in the 21st Century

There are many factors that are driving change in the 21st century. The first is Eruption of Information.

One new discovery or piece of information in a competitive industry can change the direction of your business without notice.

Your products and services can be rendered obsolete by a new product or service that achieves the same result faster, better, cheaper and easier than yours.

No company remains a market leader for life. While you are basking in the euphoria of your triumph in the marketplace, your competitors are searching for ways to topple your company and become the market leader.

Change Management Techniques

Be ready to adapt to new information. You must be open to new information. You may have planned a course of action, but don’t be too rigid that you can’t stop and consider the new information in your industry.

To remain flexible, you must be constantly open to new information and knowledge that can help you or hurt you in your business or career.

So, read voraciously. Don’t be in the dark. Sign up to websites that can provide you with adequate and precise information. Get in touch with your consultant to help you be up to date in your industry.

Read books. Attend conference and seminars like Business and Career Conference. Join your industry associations and network with other people in your business. You will weild enormous power when you are armed with adequate and current information.

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