Have You Seen that “old” Movie 300?

By Godwin Chibuike

The movie was all about 300 Spartans trying to hold off an army of more than 300,000 Persians soldiers. The odds were definitely against them. However, they were very successful in killing a huge number of the Persian soldiers. Although they did lose in the end, their story inspired the country to stand up against the invaders.

In the movie, something very powerful happened that inspired me a lot.

The part I want to draw your attention to was when King Leonidas (The King of the Spartans) was going to fight the Persians, on the way he meets Daxos (An Old Friend and The Leader of Arcadians) and his troops who were eager to fight the Persians.


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The Arcadians were surprised that only 300 Spartans were fighting; that number is just too small when compared to the invader’s army. Daxos complained to his friend the Spartan King “We expect you Spartans to put in more commitment to this battle by bringing more soldiers”. King Leonidas, laughed and asks several of the Arcadians what their profession was.

One said “Potter”, another said; “Blacksmith” and another one says “sculpture”.

King Leonidas then turns to his fellow Spartans and asks them:

“Spartans! What is your profession?

The Spartans all shouted: HA-UUH! HA-UUH!! HA-UUH!!!

The King of Sparta then turned to Daxos and said to him “I actually have more soldiers than you”

The lesson from this story is simple. “Always Use the right tools for the job.” The Arcadians assembled an army of blacksmiths, potters, etc. to fight a war but Spartans’ small army was made up of soldiers who had learned to fight from birth.

The only language the Spartans understood was blood.

By the way, Here is a question for you:

What is your Profession?

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Manager, CEO, etc?

But beyond that profession or inside that profession, what is your jobas an Entrepreneur, CEO or Business Owner?

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“Your single and most important job is to be the best entrepreneur and business person you can be”

Dear Friend, It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war. It is not about quantity, it’s about quality. The Spartans attained the level of success they had because of the quality they had in their army.

Why do global businesses succeed? Because they understand that it’s all about quality. Most Entrepreneurs, upcoming businesses and managers sometimes get carried away with quantity.

Look around you and it is evident. I can give you a lot of scenarios and examples, however I want to keep this simple. Take, for example, I know a friend who brought in more boys from the village in 2018 but at the end of last year, his revenue is still the same.

In your company, some of you employed more staff, but what impact has it had on your revenue or bottom line?

You carried out all manner of meetings in your business last year, what was the result?

This year, Forget quantity and focus on quality!

It is not about how many staff you employed (there is nothing wrong in having many employees if your business demands that), how many boys you have, how many meetings you are holding in your company etc. Forget quantity.

If you want your business to soar this year, you need quality. Not just quality in your product and services, but quality in every area of your business.

Quality Staff, 

Quality systems,

Quality policies,

Quality Customers

and most importantly “QUALITY YOU”.

At the CEO Success Summit coming up this February, we will uncover the success qualities of top managers and other quality systems and policies you need put in place to attract quality customers for your business.

Success in Business doesn’t just happen, you build it.

Assemble quality team! Be a Spartan!

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