Forget Comments and Likes On the Social Media and Make Money

Few years ago, a young man who does not have up to 300 followers on his Facebook account (as at that time) said that he makes over N10 million monthly by selling his services!

He said that he doesn’t just accept anybody that sends friend request, he screens them to be sure that they are the kind of people that needs his services. His followers hardly comment or like his posts but they are his clients. It was an eye opener.

It is good to have large followers on social media, but what matters is whether they are buying your products and services.

Almost everyday, young comedians post skits on Instagram. Do you know why they are doing that? They are marketing themselves. I am sure you have watched their advert videos before. They advertise products and services, events, and even church programs for different people.

While flying from Abuja to Lagos the other day, some of them were on the flight. They went to Abuja for shows and they do that almost every weekend. Some of them are now actors just by posting comedy skits on the social media regularly.

It is very easy to get comments on social media. Just wake up daily and post prayer and you will get hundreds of ameeeen! But does the comments translate to money? Actually, you are helping to increase the net-worth of Mark Zuckeberg and others.

This Is What You Should Do

I suggest that you should stop buying mobile data just to read other people’s posts on the social media. Engage in an in-depth research to find out what people will need that are not available and use social media to sell it.

People make millions of naira monthly through the social media. Don’t log on to social media for just entertainment or to look for where to type amen, sell something.

Some of you are business owners but you have never posted your products and services on the social media. You buy mobile data to read what others are posting.

If you don’t know how to creatively write what will attract people to read or see the products you are posting, go for training.

Of course, you have the right to play around on the social media after all it’s your money, but I want you to know what is going on here.

Become An Influencer

If you are popular on the social media you can consider becoming an influencer. There are some social media influencers that makes over $10 million annually.

All they do is to use their influence and credibility to sell other people’s products and services. Turn your popularity to wealth.

While Kylie Jenner charges $1 million to post company’s products on her social media platforms, Cristiano Ronaldo is paid $750,000. They are using their popularity to make more money on the social media.

So, the question is, what is the best way to creatively make money on the social media? Well, we have a special training program for those who are interested in online marketing. The training takes place both at our off in Lekki, Lagos State, or online.

We have space for only eleven people. Click this link and sign up for the training or send an email to or call 07032681154.

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