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Whenever I see business owners, I usually ask them one important question, “How many customers do you have?” Guess what? I have never seen any of them who confidently said that he or she has over 5,000 customers. So, how can you grow a global organisation when the number of people that patronize you are below 50?

Large corporations have large number of people that buy their products on daily, weekly or monthly basis. They do all they can to make sure that more people are purchasing their products and services.

That is why Coca-Cola is still advertising. That is why Zenith Bank, UBA, Dangote Group, Glo, and other organisations are spending millions to advertise on major media platforms like CNN. They know that the future of their company lies on getting new customers and keeping old ones.

Just imagine the number of people that consume Indomie on daily basis in Nigeria alone. Just imagine the number of people that are drinking different Coca-Cola brands while you are reading this now. Just imagine the number of constructions that are going on right now with Dangote cement. Your company cannot grow until your customer base grows.

China have what they call single’s day, and it takes place on the 11th of November every year. Alibaba Group saw the opportunity of encouraging young people to shop on that day and created sales strategies around it. Their sales on the 11th November, 2018 was over $30 billion! They made 1$ billion sales in one minute!

It is not impossible, all you need is the secret. Mr. Joseph Agada, a world class marketing consultant and I will be teaching you how to do it this Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, at Oriental hotel, Lekki, Lagos.

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