Don’t Just Be Creative, Have Business Sense

There are many skilful people who are poor and unknown. In fact, there are highly talented individuals who are barely surviving. It is one thing to be creative, it is another thing entirely to turn your creativity into products and services.

There are popular sports stars who retired and couldn’t feed themselves afterwards. They are highly talented do not know how to turn their talent into business. There are preaching machines who use style to beg while preaching. Why? They do not know how to creatively come up with a strategy.

For example, the British discovered and developed penicillin, but it was the Americans who took it over. The British scientists did a magnificent technical job. They came out with the right substance and the right uses.

Yet they failed to identify the ability manufacture the stuff as a critical knowledge factors. They could have developed the necessary knowledge of fermentation technology; they did not even try.

As a result, a small American company, Pfizer, went to work on developing the knowledge of fermentation and became the world’s foremost manufacturer of penicillin.

“Similarly, the British conceived, designed and built the first passenger jet plane. But de Havilland, the British company, did not analyse what was needed and therefore did not identify two key factors.

One was configuration, that is, the right size with the right payload for the routes on which the jet would give an airline the greatest advantage.

The other was equally mundane; how to finance the purchase of such an expensive plane by the airlines.

As a result of de Havilland’s failure to do the analysis, two American companies, Boeing and Douglas, took over the jet plane. And de Havilland has long since disappeared.”~Peter Drucker.

The same thing is happening today. A lot of highly creative people are employees. In most cases, their employers are not as creative as they are but they know how to turn an idea into products and services.

They are highly talented but they do not know how to make money or build business around their talent. That is why we have highly talented people that are literally struggling to survive.

Another example is the invention of light bulb. “Thomas Edison was not the only one who identified the inventions that had to be made to produce a light bulb.

An English physicist, Joseph Swan, did so too. Swan developed his light bulb at exactly the same time as Edison. Technically, Swan’s bulb was superior, to the point where Edison bought up the Swan patents and used them in his own light bulb factories.

But Edison not only thought through the technical requirements; he thought through his focus.

Before he even began the technical work on the glass envelope, the vacuum, the closure, and the glowing fibre, he had already decided on a system: his light bulb was designed to fit an electric power company for which he had lined up the financing, the rights to string wires to get the power to his light bulb customers and the distribution system.

Swan, the scientist, invented a product; Edison produced an industry. So Edison could sell and install electric power while Swan was still trying to figure out who might be interested in his technical achievement.”~Peter Drucker.

Joseph Swan was an inventor, but Thomas Edison was a business man. Swan was all out to invent light bulb, but Edison was all out to build a business. No wonder the world attributes light bulb invention to Thomas Edison not Joseph Swan.

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