Disruptors Control Global Economy

Whenever I meet traders that own shops in major markets, they usually say, “Mr. Ifeanyi A. C. Eze, any advice on how to grow our business?”

I usually ask them to tell me the future of their businesses. Something like, “between now and the next thirty years, can your business still thrive? Can your business model survive in a competitive market?”

Let me give you some example. Some years back, Izuchukwu Transport, Ekenedilichukwu Transport, CN Okoli, Osondu, and few others dominated the transport business in Nigeria. Please when last did you see their vehicles on the road?

What happened to these companies? It was their inability to keep reinventing their business model. The moment ABC Transport disrupted the way transport companies operated, it was very clear that those who refuses to upgrade their business model cannot compete favorably.

Today, disruptors like God Is Good Motors and GUO Transport are changing the face of transportation in Nigeria.

Consider these analogies;

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”-Microsoft CEO 2007.”

Reporter: is Netflix a threat?

“It’s a little bit like, is the Albanian army going to take over the world? I don’t think so.”- Time Warner CEO 2010.

Today, iPhone has disrupted the smartphone business and even replaced Nokia as the market leader. Netflix disrupted the video renting and cinema culture across the world. Both companies disrupted the system and became market leaders.

So, dear trader, what is your strategy? Do you have any plan to catch up with disruptors or to become the disruptor?

We were comfortable with going to markets to buy food condiments, home appliances etc. Suddenly, Shoprite showed up and disrupted the system. Those who are queing up at Shoprite used to go to markets. Disruptors will take away your customers if you are not one step ahead of your competitors.

A wise man said; “Netflix did not kill blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did.

Uber did not kill taxi business. Limited access and fare control did.

Amazon did not kill other retailers. Poor customer service did.”

You don’t have anybody to blame if you fail to either prepare for disruption or to become the disruptor. Just one application can disrupt a whole line of business.

The introduction of iPad and Kindle closed down thousands of bookshops across the world. There are millions of tech gurus whose job is to create systems that will take away many businesses.

We can help you to be ahead of your competitors. We will spend about one month with you to strategize on how to postion your business for the future. Send an email to us via info@kingsuncommonwisdom.com or click on business management button and give us the details of your company. You can also send a text message or call us on 07032681154.

Those who prepare for the future can never be afraid of it. Take action right now!

See you at the top!

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