How to Manage Star Employees In Every Organization

Every company have people that knows the business inside out. They have worked for the company for a long time that they can easily take decisions without a recourse to the CEO. They are known as stars. Stars are valuable assets to every business owner, manager or CEO. Stars make things happen. They generate unimaginable … Read more

Dear CEO, Manager or Business Owner:

We are already in 2020. Let me begin by asking; How far with your business goals? Are you working on them? There is one vital aspect of business you cannot discard. It is so important that you can’t grow your business effectively without it. What is that area? People. Yes, I am talking about human … Read more

Learn to Be Yourself–Tim Cook Example

Trying to be whom you are not is a crime against yourself. Many people work hard daily to be whom they were not created to be. They want to talk like popular people, dress like celebrities, and generally live like others. I think it is an insult to God trying to be whom He did … Read more

Scenario Planning Can Save Your Business One Day

  If your shop or factory is gutted by fire tonight, do you have any plan you can easily switch over to? If suddenly, government comes up with a policy that catches everybody unaware, do you have any plan on ground to weather the storm? Scenario planning is a┬ástrategic planning┬ámethod that organizations use to make … Read more