Why You Need a Consultant

I have always encouraged business owners to meet professionals for guidance before they take major steps. Several years ago, I met a friend who withdrew N500,000 twice from his account, and a bank staff withdrew another N500,000 from the same account thinking that he will not find out. Unfortunately for him, my friend is educated, … Read more

New Products: the Lifewire of Every Serious Business

There was a time Unilever’s Omo dominated the Nigerian detergent market effortlessly. It was so popular that their brand name replaced detergent. At that time, when you want buy detergent, the first brand you would remember was omo. Today, competition is choking life out of omo. There was a time, not so long ago, that … Read more

Grow Your Business with the 4Es Model

Some business owners usually hope that their business will grow by sheer luck. Unfortunately, luck is not a strategy. Good wishes are not strategy. You must be delibrate in your quest for business success.  Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled … Read more

Factors You Must Consider Before You Go Into Partnership, Merger and Acquisition

I strong believe that you can become very wealthy through partnership, merger and acquisition. Every major corporation acquired hundreds, if not thousands of companies that helped them to become very large. They also merged with other companies to leverage their expertise. Unfortunately, some individuals go into partnership blindly because of friendship or relationship. In fact, … Read more

The Power of Mission and Values Statements

Few days ago, I posted an article titled, The Intagibles are the Glue that Hold Businesses Together. I am happy that many business owners read it and took practical steps. In order to fully understand the intangibles, I want to show you how powerful mission and values statements are. You may not know it, but … Read more

The Intagibles are the Glue that Hold Businesses Together

One factor I emphasized in my new book, 360 Degree Business Management is small business owner’s disdain for proper corporate structure and management. Whenever we are consulting for small business owners and mention proper management system, they usually say, “Will it lead to more sales and profit?” To them, business starts and end with displaying … Read more

How to Solve Your Business and Financial Problems.

No one gets to the top without facing challenges. In fact, anyone who says he doesn’t want problems or challenges is indirectly saying that he doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore. There is a bridge called problem that stands between you and anything you want to accomplish in life. This is why success … Read more