Business Expansion Strategies

Everything in life is meant to grow. From human being to trees and animals. If a baby that was born yesterday remains the same after one year, the parents will be worried. In fact, they will start going from one specialist to another.

The same thing is applicable to business. If the business that was established ten years ago with N1 million is hovering around N2 Million ten years after, it is not growing. The business is suffering from a disease called bad management!

The only way to know that your business is healthy is if it is expanding. Growth is the signpost of progress. That business can grow and expand if you apply the right strategy.

The problem we have in this part of the world is people are praying for business growth without learning how to do it. Can you imagine someone praying to become a pediatric neurosurgeon and refuses to go to school? It doesn’t make sense.

A lot of business owners are praying for business breakthrough right now (which is good), but they are not learning what to do to make it happen.

In 2006, George Zhu and his team founded Transsion Holdings in China, with a focus on the development, manufacturing, sales, and services of mobile communication products. Before launching the company, George travelled to more than 90 countries, which informed his decision to build an international mobile communications company with a focus on emerging markets.

He started with marketing smartphones for major phone manufacturers in emerging markets. Along the line, he found out that most Africans cannot comfortably afford to buy the kind of smartphones he was selling.

He went into phone manufacturing. He started with Tecno, then added Infinix, Itel, and others. In the first half of 2017 alone, his company sold over 50 million phones! As at today, Transsion Holdings is the largest smartphone company by sales in Africa! Guess what? They have never sold one phone in China where their headquarter is located.

That is the true meaning of business expansion. I will be sharing the full story at the CEO Success Summit holding at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 2nd February, 2019.

Our guest speaker, Joseph Agada and myself will be showing you the strategies you must apply to engender Business Expansion and how to Become a World Class CEO.

Guess what? We have space for ONLY 15 PERSONS.

Rush now and grab your own seat before the space gets filled up.

  • I encourage business leaders to come with at least five members of their management team so that they can go back and apply the strategies they will learn at the summit.

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