ThereĀ is nothing as powerful as setting up a winning team in your organization. Major corporations spend millions of dollars annually just to have the right team that can transform their organization. To turn around Yahoo, the management hired Marissa Mayer from Google. To get her, Yahoo paid her about $90,000 a week. She literally transformed Yahoo before it was sold to Verizon few years ago.

On July 16, 2013, the day she was hired, Yahoo’s share price was $15.65. The following day, it closed at $50.60! That is the power of having corporate gurus in your team. Although hiring her was expensive, but she transformed the organization before it was sold.

The strength of companies and organizations that wants to go global lies on the quality of individuals that works for them, and how united they are. You will not fully utilize the capacities of corporate gurus if they are not united. Great coaches are individuals who knows how to put together good footballers, and make them to play as a team no matter how good they are individually. To have a winning team, you must do the following:

1. Hire Only The Best.
Anytime I sit on an interview panel I make sure we hire the best candidates. To know how smart the applicants are, I usually give them an assignment they must finish in just five minutes. To know their managerial ability, I give them a very short task. In most cases I hardly look at the documents they present to us because anybody can buy certificates. Don’t hire people based on sentiment. Don’t hire people because they are related to you. Go for the best.

2. Pay Them Well.
If you pay peanuts you will definitely hire monkeys. In fact, if you don’t pay well, you will keep receiving resignation letters all the time because while working for you, they will be going for interviews in different places for higher pay. I’m not saying you should borrow money from the bank to pay salary. But as your company grows, endeavor to increase your staff salary. Everybody wants to be rich including your staff. If they are not well paid, your competition may hire them and take over your market share.

3. Challenge.
The more challenges people experience, the more engaged they become, and the more positive they feel about themselves. When the job is challenging, people are busy and active all day, working harder and enjoying it more. To get the best from people, you must give them big tasks to execute. Don’t allow any dull moment in your organization. There should be projects to execute all the time.

Some businesspeople in our clime employ people just for the sake of it. They employ the people they call sales ladies and sales boys for the purpose of staying in the shop. To hire people means you need individuals that will help you to grow your organization. Look for people who are smarter than you, and make sure you give them the opportunity to generate and execute ideas.

4. Freedom.
The more freedom people feel they have to get the job done on their own schedule and in their own way, the better they feel about themselves and their work. There is a difference between a leader, a boss, and a manger. A boss is a person in charge of a worker or an organization. He is someone who orders people to do something in a domineering manner.

A manager on the other hand is someone who is responsible for controlling and administering all or part of a company. But a leader is someone who influences and inspires people to do their jobs without pressure. A boss orders people around, a manger follow the company’s rule, but a leader helps people to succeed.

Some people literally behave like lords and masters the moment they are made a manager or a boss. They trample on people and hinder the growth of the organization. You cannot get the best from your staff if you are domineering and overbearing. Give them the task and deadline, but allow them to do the work. To

5. Respect.
The more you respect your employees, by asking questions, listening, and taking action on their ideas, the more value and important they feel. That is why leadership is different from management. Most managers look down on their subordinates and that’s why they fail. I don’t believe I am better than my staff because I employed them. That’s why I give them the room to operate and monitor what they are doing. Come down from your high horse and respect your staff. That’s one of the major ways to get the best from them.

6. Success Experiences.
Give people jobs that they can perform successfully at their levels of experience and skill. The more opportunities they have to actually succeed by being given jobs that are within their capabilities, the more they feel like winners and the higher will be their self-esteem and self-confidence.

It’s important you know the capacity of the people you’re employing. Their capacity determines the assignment you give them. But endeavor to train them so that they can execute bigger tasks. I believe in growth. Any staff whose productivity remains the same should be trained or sacked. They should get better every year. If you train the person and he or she fails to generate more results, it means the person doesn’t want to grow. Show him or her the door in a respectful manner.

7. Positive Expectations.
Nothing boosts self-esteem and improves performance more than when individuals feel that a boss believes they have the capacity to do the job well. Kindly believe in your staff. If they successfully accomplished a task, you must celebrate them.

Let your staff know that you’re proud of them. Celebrate their achievements during staff meetings and let others hear their stories. That way, you’re are encouraging them to do more, and you’re telling others to work harder so that they can be celebrated too.

Nothing grows a company like healthy competition among the staff members. What next? This is just the introduction. I will delve into the nitty gritty of this subject at the CEO Success Summit on the 3rd February, 2018. Check the details on handbill below or call Godwin on 07032681154. Secondly, we can train your staff and inculcate goal getting values in them so that they can help grow your organization. Kindly scroll up, click on Our Solutions, then click on either Corporate Training or Team Building button and see the different ways we can help you. Don’t miss this uncommon opportunity. See you at the top!

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