The Intagibles are the Glue that Hold Businesses Together

One factor I emphasized in my new book, 360 Degree Business Management is small business owner’s disdain for proper corporate structure and management. Whenever we are consulting for small business owners and mention proper management system, they usually say, “Will it lead to more sales and profit?” To them, business starts and end with displaying […]

How Change Will Affect Your Business and Career and How to Manage It

We are living a changing world. The world is now a global village, and the Internet is the village square. Every single day, the world converge on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. Would you have imagined few years ago that a virus that emanated from Wuhan (China) which is 10,951 kilometres away […]

Do You Have Sufficient Understanding On How to Run a Business In the 21st Century?

One of the major currencies of the 21st century business world is understanding. It is good to have knowledge about something, but having a deep understanding of how things work in your industry will give you an edge over your competitors and contemporaries. That business can grow beyond what it is now if you gain […]

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