The Intagibles are the Glue that Hold Businesses Together

One factor I emphasized in my new book, 360 Degree Business Management is small business owner’s disdain for proper corporate structure and management. Whenever we are consulting for small business owners and mention proper management system, they usually say, “Will it lead to more sales and profit?” To them, business starts and end with displaying … Read more

How to Solve Your Business and Financial Problems.

No one gets to the top without facing challenges. In fact, anyone who says he doesn’t want problems or challenges is indirectly saying that he doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore. There is a bridge called problem that stands between you and anything you want to accomplish in life. This is why success … Read more

Have You Seen that “old” Movie 300?

By Godwin Chibuike The movie was all about 300 Spartans trying to hold off an army of more than 300,000 Persians soldiers. The odds were definitely against them. However, they were very successful in killing a huge number of the Persian soldiers. Although they did lose in the end, their story inspired the country to … Read more

Dear CEO, Manager or Business Owner:

We are already in 2020. Let me begin by asking; How far with your business goals? Are you working on them? There is one vital aspect of business you cannot discard. It is so important that you can’t grow your business effectively without it. What is that area? People. Yes, I am talking about human … Read more