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Pay Attention to Unexpected Events and Failure In Business

As a business owner, anytime you are faced with an unexpected failure or begin to see unexpected events, call for more study and analysis to ascertain whether there is an opportunity for your company to thrive that is lurking around. MacDonald was established because one of the founders, Ray Kroc, paid attention to the unexpected […]

Strategic Marketing

  The primary reason for success or failure in business is the success or failure of Your marketing effort. Over fifty percent of all business failures can be attributed to the inability of business owners to strategically market their products and services. It is also attributed to slowing or ineffectiveness in the area of marketing […]

The Internet (Especially Social Media) Is the Largest Marketplace On Earth

When I scroll through the various social media platforms daily and see how people waste an uncommon opportunity to either sell their products and services, or sell for others, I shudder. People literally buy data to either post pictures, play or look for where to type ‘Ameen’ instead of making money with it. All you […]

Replicate Your Products and Services In Different Ways To Increase Sales

  One of the secrets I shared in my new book; (Business Growth and Expansion Secrets), is how to generate one product idea and duplicate it in many forms. That is the secret of multi-billion dollars corporations. It is either they create one product and sell it virtually like Microsoft’s Windows software, or they come […]

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