Everybody Is My Customer?

After speaking somewhere yesterday, a young man met me and complained about low sales. I asked him the industry they are in, and he told me. I asked about their target market, and he didn’t even know what I was talking about. Eight out of ten business owners believes that everybody is their customer. They … Read more

The Power of Unique Business Ideas

The only way to grow a large company is to create unique products and services. Either you create unique product or service, or you design unique customer service system that is totally different from that of your competitors. No multibillion dollars corporation sell exactly what their competitors are selling. Even if they are in the … Read more

Why I Will Always Teach Entrepreneurship

By Ifeanyi A. C Eze Sometime this year, some people told me that they finally understood what I taught them twelve years ago. When people say all manner of things about me, I hardly reply because they don’t fully understand what they are saying. Actually, I pity them. I pity them because they should have … Read more

We Spend Money On Things We Value

  There is no product or service that is expensive. While abroad few years ago, I met a man that bought Rolex watch for $100,000. To me it was crazy, but to the man, it was value for money. Now, that same man may not spend N100,000 on books. Why? Because he doesn’t place value … Read more

Dominating the Marketplace

One of my heart desires is to help business owners to break out of the usual shop and market environment kind of business, and take their businesses to the global stage. You can attract customers in every nation across Africa and beyond if you apply the right strategies. You can increase your monthly revenue from … Read more