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New Products: the Lifewire of Every Serious Business

There was a time Unilever’s Omo dominated the Nigerian detergent market effortlessly. It was so popular that their brand name replaced detergent. At that time, when you want buy detergent, the first brand you would remember was omo. Today, competition is choking life out of omo. There was a time, not so long ago, that […]

Grow Your Business with the 4Es Model

Some business owners usually hope that their business will grow by sheer luck. Unfortunately, luck is not a strategy. Good wishes are not strategy. You must be delibrate in your quest for business success.  Newton’s first law states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled […]

Superior Strategy Will Give You an Edge in the Marketplace

No company can become a market leader by sheer luck. Every market leader deliberately designed superior strategies that gave them the upper hand. If you keep doing what every organization is doing, you will keep generating the same result. Those who join secret cult in order to make money are simply too lazy to generate […]

Factors You Must Consider Before You Go Into Partnership, Merger and Acquisition

I strong believe that you can become very wealthy through partnership, merger and acquisition. Every major corporation acquired hundreds, if not thousands of companies that helped them to become very large. They also merged with other companies to leverage their expertise. Unfortunately, some individuals go into partnership blindly because of friendship or relationship. In fact, […]

Growing Your Business and Career With the 50–30–20 Formula. (Part 2).

In the first part of this discussion, we discovered what 50 percent and 30 percent stands for. Today, I will show you other creative ways to design training programs that will engender unprecedented results. And I will equally show you what 20 percent stands for. We have plethora of clients and associates whose lives were […]

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